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The Kairos Course is a dynamic course that focuses on what God is doing around the world, in fulfillment of His global purpose. It is designed to educate and mobilize Christians and local churches into strategic, 21st century, world Christian mission.

The Kairos Course attempts to lay a foundation, in the lives of Christians and in local churches, for active and strategic involvement in world evangelization. It seeks to accomplish this by:

1. Challenging the prevailing world-view of the Church, and to see it changed into a truly Biblical world-view, that reflects a clear understanding of the purpose and plan of God.
2. Providing a clear sense of continuity in the outworking of God’s worldwide ‘mission of mercy’ through a chosen people throughout all of history.
3. Educating in both standard and current missiological thinking and practice.
4. Encouraging active participation, by showing clear pathways for involvement.

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Click here for course details, or visit Kairos International.


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