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Center for the Study of Global Christianity

The Center for the Study of Global Christianity collates and analyzes data on church membership and evangelistic activities collected around the world by Christian denominations.

Link: http://www.gordonconwell.edu/resources/Center-for-the-Study-of-Global-Christianity.cfm

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Transformation is a peer-reviewed journal of holistic missions studies published quarterly on behalf of the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies.

Link: http://trn.sagepub.com/

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Missions Hub for Missionary Blogs

MissionsHub.org enables people who work in Missions to share their story. It’s free and available for any missionary who agrees with MissionsInterlink’sStatement of Faith.

Link: http://www.missionshub.org/

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Mission Resource Network


A library of resources on missions theology, mission issues and partnership with churches.

Link: http://mrnet.org/library

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International Bulletin of Missionary Research

Free on-line subscription to a journal with in-depth analyses and information on the world church in mission.

Link: http://www.internationalbulletin.org/subscribe

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Catalyst Services

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Catalyst Services assists agencies and churches to mobilise for missions and their website includes lots of practical ideas.

Link: http://www.catalystservices.org

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Global Prayer Digest

Australian Subscription to GPD

The Global Prayer Digest (GPD) provides information and a systematic guide for praying for the unreached.

An Australian subscription to the GPD is available through Missions Interlink. This low cost annual subscription provides a hard copy three month daily prayer guide to be mailed to you from within Australia each quarter.  Please email admin@missionsinterlink.org.au to subscribe.  The prayer notes can also be viewed on-line through Frontier Ventures by selecting the link below.

Link: http://www.globalprayerdigest.org/

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Encounters Mission Journal

Encounters Mission Journal is an online, mission journal published by Redcliffe College. Its purpose is to stimulate and resource the mission community and provide a space for those involved in the thinking and practice of mission to express and exchange their views.

Link: http://www.redcliffe.org/SpecialistCentres/EncountersMissionJournal

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MI Short Term Mission Code of Best Practice

This code for short-term mission identifies key values and components that must be present if the goals of short-term mission is to achieve its goals.

Attachment: Short term mission – Code of Best Practice – Feb 2010

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Free Bible Images

Free photographs and drawings to illustrate Bible stories, without restriction. They involve authentic-looking characters from the Middle East, in front of authentic Middle Eastern sets.

Link: http://www.freebibleimages.org

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