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Managing Conflicts of Interest

Managing Conflicts of Interest

The ACNC has produced a guide to help charity board members manage any conflicts of interest. It can be downloaded here.


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Tax Law for NFPs Guide

Tax Law for NFPs explained
Our Community has made available an online outline of Australian tax law and legal structures to provide a simple, general explanation and guide for Australian NFPs. It includes some helpful diagrams. Click here to access the page.


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Defining Volunteering

What makes a Volunteer?

Volunteering Australia has released a definition of volunteering: volunteering is time willingly given for the common good and without financial gain. Explanatory notes can be found here.

Other recent articles on this topic include: Calling all Volunteers – What’s in a Name? (Probono Australia), Charities Working Overseas Dominate Volunteers – Report (Probono Australia) and How to: Assess whether a volunteer is actually an employee (Moores)

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Working with other organisations

NFP Law Information Hub: Working with others

NFP Law Information Hub has recently added a new section Working With Other Organisations. This includes helpful information on auspicing, MOUs, joint ventures and partnerships, and amalgamation and mergers.

Read more here: http://nfplaw.org.au/workingwithothers


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Checklist for NFP Administrators


The ATO has developed a very helpful new checklist to help not-for-profits hand over their tax affairs to a new administrator. The Handover checklist: not-for-profit administrators also provides a helpful list for current administrators. It covers the following topics: registrations, legal structure, tax concessions, your workers, reporting and paying tax, and record keeping.

Download it here.

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Implementing Volunteering Standards

Volunteering Australia’s online tool

Volunteering Australia has launched a new online tool that organisations can use to implement the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement. The online tool streamlines the process — simply complete the online self-assessments and it tells you what additional actions your organisation needs to take to achieve compliance with the National Standard.

Access it at: www.volunteeringaustralia.org

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Thinking Big: To merge or not to merge – that is the question

Considering Mergers?

Thinking Big: To merge or not to merge – that is the question is a new helpful guide for charities and not-for-profits considering mergers.

Download it here.

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The 10 Steps of Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications

A guide to addressing communication issues in managing a crisis from Jonathan Bernstein, read it here.

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ACNC Webinars

The ACNC is now providing regular online training sessions for charities through their webinars. Check back often to see when new ones are posted, and if you’ve missed any videos and presentation slides of completed webinars are also available for download.

Click here to access them.


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Guide to Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of Interest; A Good Practice Guide has been produced by the Northern Ireland Audit Office, but is very relevant to the Australian context and may help your organisation better manage real or potential conflicts of interest.

Click here to download.

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